Somewhere over the rainbow Bath Bomb

Somewhere over the rainbow Bath Bomb

With hidden rainbow release colours inside!Fragrance {Fairy Drops}- Similar to the fragrance used by a popular high street bath and body product company. This fragrance has top notes of bubblegum with hints of cotton candy resting on a base of cherry and vanilla.


Product received may be slightly different to that shown on the product image as every handmade creation differs due to the artisan nature of our products.


Getting the most out of your bath bomb Store your bath bomb in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. To use-Place your bath bomb into warm water and watch it bubble away, release it's scent and then dissolve. Please note that handling when wet may cause staining.



Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, kaolin, sodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, prunus armenacia kernel oil, polysorbate 80, CL77019, CL77891, CL77491, CL77861, CL77492, CL77288, CL77007, parfum- limoneneAverage Weight: 133g The productEvery handcrafted bath bomb is made by us and then pressed into the mould by hand.



May cause an allergic skin reaction or irritation. If skin irritation or rash occurs seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children.For external use only-our products may look incredible but please don’t eat them they aren’t edible!