Cherry Lemonade Soap Whip - Large Pot

Cherry Lemonade Soap Whip - Large Pot

Smells sweet like Cherry!


Just a small scoop on you hand, a washcloth or shower puff and you will have a mountain of bubbly cleansing goodness. A little goes a long way so don't say we didn't warn you ;-)


Our Shower Fluff will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft,moisturised and smelling amazing.


Now you can make bath and shower times more luxurious with our handmade whipped soap.


A gorgeous creamy lather and lots of bright colours.


Our Shower Fluffs contains Kaolin Clay which doesn’t leave your skin dry after use. It softens the skin leaving it toned and healthy. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, dry skin and mature skin, leaving you feeling soft and silky. Kaolin Clay has the ability to detoxify the skin but not dry it out. It cleanses the pores and boosts blood circulation at the same time. It promotes skin cell regeneration, bringing a healthy and glowing look to tired and dull skin. Its a natural gentle exfoliator and reduces oily skin